Indestructible dog toys

It’s a given that dogs, especially puppies love to chew on things.

Chewing is a dog’s natural instinct and it has many benefits like exercising their jaws and keeping their gums healthy.

But the key here is to keep your dog from chewing the carpet, the couch, the molding… you getthe point.

Finding a toy that keeps your dog entertained as well as holds up to abuse can be quite the challenge.indestructible dog toy, durable dog toy

It is a struggle to find a durable toy

Every dog owner shares the same frustrations when a new toy is destroyed within minutes.

Not only does this waste money, but the fragments of these poorly designed toys could be a health hazard for your pet.

A durable toy can keep your dogs natural urge to chew under control and may even help manage behavioral problems like excessive barking.

Keep a variety

wobbler kong large dog toy

You should have a variety of toys on hand for your dog to play with.

A good strategy is to have two sets of dog toys that you can rotate every week in order to keep your dog interested in a particular toy.

The following toys are well known among dog owners and have a reputation for being exceptionally durable.

The Kong Wobbler                                                                                                  

The Kong Wobbler sets the standard for toughness.

The Kong is made of a rubberizekong extreme wobbler balld material that comes in many different variations.

A unique aspect of this toy is that its center is hollow. This allows you to put treats or food inside.

Your dog is sure to love this.

Not only will the Kong keep your dog occupied, but it has also been proven to elevate brain function.

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West Paw Designs Hurley

 West Paw company guarantees its dog toys from destruction.

If your dog manages to break one of them, you can send it back for a free replacement.

The Hurley comes in two different sizes and resembles the shape of a bone.

West paw hurley, kong wobbler, durable dog toy

Added features of this toy include, it bounces, floats, and is completely bendable.

Another bonus about this toy is that it’s made out of 100% recycled materials so you won’t be hurting the environment.

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