Couple Arrives At Doggy Daycare And Finds Their Dog In A Shock Collar

A Chicago couple made a startling discovery after picking up their dog from a local daycare.

The dog appeared to be wearing a shock collar.

In a Facebook post, Lauren Mayer says her boyfriend Luke Mullaney dropped off the dog at Posh Pet Day Spa on March 11th.  When he picked up Mya later that day, the German Shepherd mix was wearing a second collar — one they say is designed to jolt the dog into submission.

Mullaney immediately returned to the daycare demanding answers from one of its employees.

“She didn’t seem apologetic — more defending herself,” Mayer told DNA Info.

As the story circulated on social media and public outcry mounted, daycare owner Lynn Mulrenin refuted the couple’s claim on the business’ Facebook page.

She says the dog wasn’t wearing a “shock’” collar, but rather a “bark control collar” — one that emits a “harmless tone” after excessive barking.

“There is nothing wrong with using these collars,” Mulrenin noted. “They are valuable and humane training devices, and they are also regularly used in settings where many dogs are in close proximity.”

And, she added, the dog wasn’t supposed to be wearing the collar in the first place.

“As we told its owner, the dog in question was mistakenly wearing the collar due to an error by our staff. The collar belonged to another dog whose owners requested that it be put on their dog.”

But Mayer isn’t convinced, claiming she has since done some digging on how this model of collar works. She says the type found on her dog emits a series of tones only as an early warning to the dog. Continued barking results in a shock.

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“An anti-bark shock collar, as stated in the manual attached, activates at the sound of a bark and gets only more intense if it is continually activated,” Mayer noted in her Facebook post. “I have dropped off my dog every single time at Posh Pets and you can hear the dogs barking in the back. So my dog was wearing this collar and barks from other dogs where activating the shock on her when she probably wasn’t even barking.”

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(h/t: DNA Info)

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