4 ways to keep your dog’s teeth clean

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A common question that is frequently asked on the internet is “How do I clean my dogs teeth?”

There are a number of ways

Professional Cleaning

For this method, you typically drop off your pet in the morning and you pick him up after a few hours. This usually requires your pet to be put under anesthesia so the doggy dentist can get the most thorough cleaning.  The downsides of this highly effective method is that it is an unnecessary risk to put your pet under anesthesia, and it is very costly.

Doggie Toothpaste

This is much safer and cheaper than the pro-cleaning methods. The downside of this is that it isn’t as convenient or effective. It is recommended to brush once or twice daily.

Dental Bones/Nylabones

These bones can be a good alternative method to brushing when used properly.  They can clean your dogs teeth with little effort on your part. Your dog simply chews on the bone and it removes plaque/buildup in the process.

A special home remedy cleaning solution

Mix 2oz of Hydrogen Peroxide and 2oz of Aloe Vera juice in a small container. Use a gauze sponge and soak it in the solution. Rub the sponge around your dogs teeth and gums. Do this several times a week and it will be the most effective and safest method for cleaning your dogs teeth!dog teeth cleaning