How to adopt a dog

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This will be the start of a new category. After this post, I will be talking all about how to train, care for, etc your adopted dog.

To begin

There are quite a few factors when adopting a dog.  There will also undoubtedly be some surprised along the way. That is why we have created this guide to help assist you in the dog adoption process.

Plan the type before buyinghow to adopt a dog

It is critical to plan before hand with your family or loved ones what type of dog to look at.

Some factors are personality, size, energy, and demeanor

Another factor to consider is deciding if you want a rescue dog.

You should also be discuss and make sure everyone is on board with getting a dog before even going to the animal shelter.

Talk with the animal shelter workers

Be sure to talk with the shelter workers about which dogs are their favorites.

The workers are around them every day so they should have a good idea about the character and personality of each dog.

You can also ask the shelter workers which dogs are very active and which are more calm.

Eye Contact

Even though this could be overlooked. You should note which dog makes eye-contact with you as you pass.

This could be the first sign of a close friendship.

Walk the dogs you are considering

After you and your family have narrowed down your choices to only a few dogs. Walk each dog to see how he/she behaves.

From just a short walk, you can learn a ton about the dogs personality and energy.

Final Tip: Kill Shelters

Be sure not to overlook kill shelters when on the search to adopt a dog.

animal shelter, kill shelterMany of the dogs in these shelters are just weeks away from being killed.

It is truly circuital to remember that there is nothing wrong with these dogs!

Please do not hesitate to look through a kill shelter. After all, you could be saving a life.