How to Brush

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One of the most basic methods for grooming is brushing your dog. This should be done daily in order to keep your pet looking and feeling healthy. The key to brushing properly is to brush all the hair, not just the top coat.

1. Start at the head

Be sure to be very gentle when brushing the head. A dogs face is very sensitive and

Slicker brush being used on a puppy

be sure to avoid the eyes. If your dog’s facial hair is short then use a soft slicker specifically made for the face. (Insert slicker link here)

If your dog has longer facial hair, than put your fingers behind the long hair and gently comb avoiding the dogs sensitive parts.

2.  Ears

To groom the ear hair, put your hand behind your dogs ear for support. Begin making gentle strokes with the comb following the grain. If the ear is full of knots, you can purchase a detangler solution. This paired with the the slicker will help remove tangles. (insert detangler solution here)

3. Forelegs

If your dog has short haired forelegs, you can generally skip this step. However if your dog has feathering (long hair on the backs of legs) you will want to comb it

This is a severe amount of tangled fur. This can be prevented/minimized with a detangler solution

out using the same method for the ears.

4, Underbelly

The best way to do this is to use a slicker and gently brush with the grain. Be aware that a dogs underbelly is sensitive and take special caution around private parts.

5. Sides and Back

These are the easiest areas to groom. You can comb either comb with or against the grain depending on your preference.

6. Hind Legs

Follow the same steps as the forelegs. If your dog has feathering down its back legs, and you want to keep things easy. You can use an electric clipper with a protected blade to trim the feathering.


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